ACT Preparation

In this course, students learn the mindset, skills, and tricks they need to get their best score on the ACT. This course is best suited for teens 15-18 years old who are preparing apply for college and pursue higher education.

Learn the Material

Each week, students practice questions in all four areas of the ACT, reviewing incorrect answers and learning specific test-taking strategies for each section to help increase their score. 

Master the Pattern

Students are taught the question patterns presented in each section, which helps a student answer questions faster and increases their confidence. Test-taking strategies that apply to all four sections are also covered, which immediately improves a student’s score. Strategies for both the print and digital version are included.

Ace the Exam

Students take two full-length practice tests in a simulated test environment – once at the beginning of class and once at the end of the class. This helps them become families with the testing environment and specific accommodations they may need.

Class Goals

  1. Prepare students academically to do something that many colleges still require for entrance. This is especially true for a homeschool student without an accredited transcript.
  2. Engender the belief that each student is a unique, vibrant individual. We want students to score very well on the ACT, but we affirm that the test is not a good indicator of a student’s innate intelligence, aptitude to do well in college, or a reflection of their overall value as a student and as a person.

NOTE: Class lasts one semester. A student can take the class fall semester, winter semester, or both (if they want extra practice). Some material is repeated (which is beneficial), but the bulk of practice material is new each semester.

Course Overview


Homework is assigned weekly so students can practice strategies and patterns at home. Students should expect 1 to 1.5 hours of homework each week.


All test prep materials are included in class tuition. Real ACT questions are used as much as possible to ensure accurate question quality.

Supplemental study materials can be recommended if a student wishes to do additional subject-level targeted studying outside of class.

Age Recommendations & Limits

It is recommended that students take ACT prep at the end of their Sophomore year or the beginning of their Junior year. (All Juniors in Utah–including homeschoolers–can take the ACT winter semester for free.)

A senior can still benefit from taking the class fall semester of their Senior year.

If your student is a freshman (and 14) this coming year, please contact ToriAnn Perkey ( to discuss whether the class would be a good fit for them.

Students must be at least 14 to register.


  • How much will my student improve?

    On average, students who take this course improve at least 3 points from their first practice test to their first real ACT. Students who repeat the class, on average, increase their score by 1 point for each additional class.

  • What if my student needs accommodations?

    All class practice tests can be given with accommodations (time and a half, eliminating distractions, etc.) You and your student can also get help navigating the ACT-accommodations process (if necessary).

  • What if my student wants to take the class more than once?

    Class material is designed to support students who want to take the class twice, once fall semester and once winter semester. Some information will be repeated, but most of the test questions will be new. This allows students a full year of test prep if they want to further increase their score.

Why Take This ACT Prep Class?

  1. Length – Most ACT prep courses are an intensive few days or only a week. It’s much harder for the material to sink in and be useful when it’s crammed into a short period of time.
  2. Content – Most ACT prep courses focus mostly on test-taking tips. Our course creates accountability to study with real test questions, provides in-person feedback, and invites students to learn their individualized test-taking strategies that work for them.
  3. Price – Our class is competitively priced at or below anything you can take online or in-person.